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This was a test photo for some headshots we did, final images ended up with a little more Depth of Field to get both eyes in focus but still shallow enough to keep the background lovely and creamy.

Yesterday was a day of still shooting with Becky Jaggs from Resolution Design Ltd, their customer is re-branding and updating their website.  Sadly I can’t post any of the amazing images that we constructed but I did use Becky as my test subject for lighting and composition.

If you need some Digital or Printed Branding or Marketing doing, you should give these guys a call, very friendly, professional and experience professional team; real please working with them. https://resolutiondesign.co.uk

T&B Development

I am working with T&B Development on a project to capture their build at Patterdown Farm Barns.  This is the pouring of the concrete for unit 1’s foundations.

How do you make concrete pouring interesting?  How do you also keep these short stories into a one minute max videos for Instagram?

Well here is my version.

Customers Feedback “Just watched the video, looks  brilliant”


Thank you British Airways for the free tickets to Hungary!

Booked an AirBnB with a balcony view on to St Stephens Basilica and nature provided amazing 80º temps

Not much to report took the time to chill but did wonder with the camera on a few occasions.  Love chatting with people and taking photos of characters I come across.

Have to say, the people in Hungary were very friendly and had a good sense of humour; the city has some amazing buildings and a lot of history, some happy and some sad.  It is certainly worth a city break.

Trip t​o Harry Potter World

Don’t be mislead, I drove there in my car.

I have to say I was a little sceptical about going to this, the kids bought the tickets for myself and Liz for Christmas.  It was pretty amazing!
I am not a Harry Potter fanboy but having worked on a number of films, I was blown away by the scale of what went into these films.  The studio tour is not about rides or thrills but more aimed at showing the fans and other visitors how the film was made and all the amazing set building, special effect, visual effects and animatronics.

Prosthetics for Warren Davis as Griphook, who worked in Gringotts Wizarding Bank

The only camera I took was my Samsung Galaxy S9 phone camera but as they say, the best camera is the camera you have with you.  I really did not want to be lugging a big camera about for 4-5hrs, not even the small mirrorless Sony A7sii

Have to say, it would be an amazing place to go when it is closed to the public, so many amazing things to photograph and film.

The section that shows all the planning and model building was probably my favourite; I was absolutely blown away by the main model of Hogwarts Castle and the story behind it.  This for me made the whole trip worth the money.

Hogwarts Express

New this year is the addition of the Hogwarts Express and the Forbidden Forest; which was very well done.  If you don’t like spiders – DON’T GO INTO THE WOODS!

New for 2018, the rather excellent Forbidden Forrest.

The second most favourite part for me was the concept Art (one for you here Paul Gerrard), Some striking digital art and some hand-drawn sketches.


Be you a fan or just someone who enjoyed the films, the Harry Potter Studio Tour is good value and very interesting.  Choose the first slot of the day, you will get to see and enjoy more as you will be ahead of the crowds; you will also get to the rest area and Cafe just in time for lunch and have a chance of a table outdoors.

  • 10:10 for educational content
  • 10:10 for the standard of the exhibition, the staff commitment to customers and general enjoyment.
  • 10:10 for access from the motorway and parking.  Although we did not need it, there is a dedicated bus laid on from the train station in Watford (Not the KB Bus).  Not that we opted for the first slot of the day so the car park was mostly empty when we arrived; not so when we left but still spaces.

Check out my YouTube Channel,  I will be posting some video taken on the phone at some point in the near future.

If you do make it to the Studio tour having been possibly inspired by my little BLOG, please tag me in with #maddoggiraffe

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